The Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website

web mobile strategies new logoA mobile-friendly site provides a great overall website experience to your mobile users. Statistics show that 70 million Americans browse websites from their phone every month and over 60 percent of consumers use their smartphones to search for business locations or directions. It has become a necessity to provide a quality mobile experience and provides quick access to information about your business.

Some basic benefits of mobile friendly websites are:

  • Opportunity. Mobile presence opens up new windows of business and networking opportunities.
  • Compatibility. Mobile websites can be viewed through the browsers of all major smart phones.
  • Efficiency. Simple navigation through easy to use features improves customer experience. Mobile websites give the quick information that your visitors want.
  • Awareness. Provide the public with easy, mobile access to your company’s services offered, pulled from your original website content. Mobile friendly websites can be viewed from anywhere while on the go!
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“To be or not to be” Mobile

To be or not to be Mobile

It’s inevitable that all small businesses need a mobile website. It’s also likely that you might already have one. Last year mobile data traffic nearly tripled from the year before and is expected to greatly increase by the end of 2011.
Considering the boom of the mobile revolution, going mobile is definitely a step in the right direction.

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e-Commerce added

Business online with e-Commerce

         Mobile websites are known for attracting on-the-go customers to your business.

Features like click-to-call and mobile-maps get the phone ringing and customers through the door.

Now, you have a way to take your mobile site to the next level.

Using Web Mobile Strategies’ new PayPal and Google Checkout widgets allow customers to buy directly from your Mobile-friendly website.



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Mobile Marketing Revolution

ImageMobile phones are changing the way consumers shop

The Luddites were a social movement of the 19th-century English textile artisans who protested often by destroying mechanized looms against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, that replaced them, leaving them without work and changing their way of life.

Don’t be a Luddite and join the Mobile Marketing Revolution by talking to the guys at Web Mobile Strategies about your mobile friendly website.

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Go Mobile

Bring in More Business With a Mobile-Friendly Website 

No matter how great your website looks on a desktop or laptop screen, chances are it’s a jumbled, impossible-to-navigate mess when viewed on a traditional mobile phone or smartphone. That’s because mobile devices don’t read website code quite the same way desktops or laptops do. If you’re not presenting mobile users with a site version that’s optimized for their needs, you’re almost certainly losing sales.

Smartphone users are the last people you want to scare off. These users are typically in the middle to higher income brackets. Often, they’re browsing on their phone because they need something immediately and don’t want to wait until they can get to a computer. These folks have cash and they’re ready to buy now.

Web Mobile Strategies can convert your website into a mobile-friendly version that accommodates these customers. These sites work with all popular mobile devices, including the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and some Blackberry devices. You won’t even have to worry about different URLs. When someone using a phone navigates to your current URL, they’ll automatically be directed to your site’s mobile version.

Your mobile website will also incorporate features that bring you more business. One of these is the click-to-call feature, which lets users call you with a single click. The human element is especially important online, where building trust is vital. The easier you make it for potential customers to contact you directly, the more sales you’re likely to win.

A mobile map with directions is another customer-pulling feature you’ll get. Many people browse the web on their smartphone because they’re on the road looking for a place to pick up something they need. When someone like this lands on your site, your website’s mobile map will guide them right to your door.

Mobile websites have a proven track record of pulling in more business. A recent Nielsen report found the average site garnered a 13 percent increase in traffic after adding a mobile version. Web Mobile Strategies sites include website analytics so you can track exactly how many people are browsing your mobile version.

Without a mobile version of your website, you may be frustrating and turning away some of your best potential customers. Provide users with a mobile-friendly, though, and you could recoup your investment within just a few months.

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Cool New Features


Google Checkout

Let your mobile visitors make seamless purchases on your site with Google Checkout! By adding your Google Merchant ID, you can easily add the Google Checkout button to individual items listed for sale on your mobile site.





 Restaurant Menu

Add a mobile-friendly version of your restaurant’s menu to your site through SinglePlatform! This new handy feature allows you to link your SinglePlatform account to your mobile website. Don’t have an account with SinglePlatform? No problem, we got you covered, this new feature also lets you add individual items to a mobile-friendly menu directly to your site.


 PayPal Buy Now

Encourage your on-the-go visitors to make impulse purchases with the new PayPal Buy Now botton. Transform your mobile website into a mobile store where your products can be purchased with the click of a button.
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We R different!

We R different!

Web Mobile Strategies, we are different!

Quality is the most noticeable aspect that sets Web Mobile Strategies apart from the competition.

–       We don’t just shrink your desktop website and hopefully it will work on a smartphone screen.

–       We create an intuitive, compact yet comprehensive cross-platform compatible website.

–       We don’t just go to a directory and submit your info.

–       We work hard to bring your business to the front page of every search engine your customers are likely to be using.

–       We will work just as hard to turn all search results into positive reviews.

Besides high quality

–       We have a team of highly qualified and reputably trained professionals working for you.

–       We are equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry backing our services.

–       We have extensive experience in Mobile websites optimization as well as marketing (30+years).

–       At Web Mobile Strategies, our job is to create fast, efficient, and cost effective Mobile websites that attract customers and generate more traffic to your business.

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