23 Jul
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Discover How Web Mobile Strategies Can Help Grow Your Business

  • If you’re like a lot of time-crunched business owners, you’re probably vaguely aware that having a mobile website could help you pull in more customers. Exactly what mobile site development entails, however, may be a little less clear. Sound like you? Then take a few seconds to find out how a well designed mobile-friendly website can benefit your business.

Your Site, but Better

  • No matter how carefully designed your current site is, chances are most mobile devices can’t display it in a user-friendly way. Unless you provide a mobile version, a potential customer visiting on a mobile device is left with a mess that’s hard to view and all but impossible to navigate. Web Mobile Strategies solves that problem. We take everything that’s great about your current site and streamline it into a version any common mobile device can read. Our sites are compatible with most popular mobile devices, including iPhone, Android phones, Windows mobile, and some Blackberry devices.
  • Already have a mobile website you’re less than thrilled with? We can help there, too. By optimizing or re-designing your mobile version, we’ll get you set up with a mobile site you’ll be proud to show your customers.

Business-Boosting Features

  • A great mobile site does more than look pretty on an iPhone. It also accommodates the specific needs of mobile users. Many of these users are looking to buy immediately. We help you take advantage of that fact with features like click-to-call, mobile maps, and open table reservation. With click-to-call, your visitors can get in touch with you with a single click. That means fewer sales lost to confusion or simple impatience. The mobile map feature provides your visitors with street-by-street directions to your business so they can come straight to you…and bypass your competitor.

Individualized Designs

  • No two businesses are alike and no two mobile websites should be, either. Unfortunately, the high demand for mobile sites has given rise to a wave of inexperienced designers willing to slap together a barely adequate template-based mobile site just for a quick buck. For you, though, a site like that is little more than a waste of money.
  • Unlike the amateurs, the experienced designers at Web Mobile Strategies take the time to ask questions about your business. Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we can develop a site that really works for you.

We Can Help

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