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07 May



It’s hard to believe that, only a year ago, any discussion around mobile was focused nearly 100% on apps. Apps were exciting, sexy and fun to play with. We had Angry Birds, Instagram and the latest release of Facebook. But over the course of the year, a very subtle but noticeable thing started to happen. While all of us iPhone and Android users continued to download and play with mobile apps, we started to spend A LOT more time browsing good old fashion websites on our phones. And industry analysts started paying attention. And they started analyzing this behavior of ours. And they came up with some interesting findings.

They told us things like “by 2015, more people will browse the internet on their phones then they will from their desktop computers (IDC, 2011)”. Or that “95% of consumers use their smartphones to search for whatever they may need” (Google, 2012). And as anyone who has ever spent time browsing websites not designed for mobile phones can tell you – myself included – the experience is awful, and becoming quite unforgivable.

The analysts looked at this too – given that they own smartphones themselves and share in our experience. What they found is that “nearly 2 out of 3 users are unlikely to return to a mobile site that they had trouble with. And a good 40% of us would visit a competitors site instead” (Compuware Inc., March 2010).

Now being a startup, focused on enabling businesses to create mobile-friendly websites, drawing attention to the importance of the “mobile web”, backed by data and statistical analysis, was good for Duda. Finally we have some good solid data that speaks to the necessity of a mobile website. And by last fall, the shift toward the mobile web picked up steam. Google launched GOMO (, an online initiative designed to educate businesses about the importance of having a mobile website – and of which Duda is a part. And by November, the conversation in the press switched from “apps vs. the mobile web” to “every business needs a mobile website.” And while this shift has occurred, the number of businesses creating sites on DudaMobile grew just as rapidly, with Duda about to reach 1.5 million mobile websites sometime over the next few days.

But the need to educate businesses about going mobile, and to help them get there, continues to be a challenge for everyone in the industry. No single company can do it alone. That’s why, as of today, Duda has teamed up with Google to offer small businesses a free Premium mobile website for one year. Our hope is that by offering both the education AND the service at no cost for one year, we can help businesses make the shift to mobile more quickly, benefiting both their business as well as us consumers who no longer want to pinch and zoom our way through their regular websites on our phones.

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