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07 May



A click-to-call button on a mobile website could quite possibly be (dare I say) just as important to a local business as the mobile site itself. This little button bridges the gap between business owner and consumer and is the quickest connection your mobile browsers have to your business.

When clicked, it automatically places a call to a preset number, eliminating the need for your on-the-go customer to flip back-and-forth from your site to their dial pad. I’ve noticed how the click-to-call button has proved itself beneficial to many business types. In particular, pizzerias, automotive services and transportation. Below are some interesting findings I discovered while digging through the data.

In a sampling of 500 businesses from different industries, we found sites that were actually using the click-to-call button. As revealed in Google Mobile Ads recent blog post, GoMo: an average of 16% of visitors to these 500 mobile websites placed a call to the business.

Drilling down further into the data, we found that 44% of visitors to transportation-related mobile websites placed a call immediately. The transportation sites that had the highest click-to-call rates were taxi companies. Makes sense, right?

Looking across all 500 sites, we found a few examples of taxi company’s mobile websites that effectively rock the click-to-call button:

Coming in at a staggering 56%, Yellow Cab Taxi (Los Angeles, CA) had the highest click-to-call rate of all cab mobile sites. The taxi site with the second highest click-to-calls was Badger Cab, with 53% of mobile visitors using the click-to-call feature.

The strategic placement of the click-to-call buttons directly contributed towards the high rate if calls to each business.

Yellow Cab Taxi put a total of five click-to-call buttons on their site to give mobile visitors a higher chance of securing an available cab, quicker. Badger Cab placed their click-to-call button at the top of their site, directly underneath the header. The button size was also increased to make it easier for thumbs to click.

Not only is a click-to-call button critical for your mobile site but, where it’s placed is just as important too. Remember to put this feature towards the top of your mobile site and make it fat enough for all finger sizes to easily click. Once it’s added, stand by the phone – it’ll magically start ringing!

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