T-Mobile: iPhone network compatibility coming this year

07 May

What a great idea…

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NEW ORLEANS–T-Mobile’s network will be compatible with the iPhone later this year — even if it isn’t selling it, the company said today.

The wireless carrier added that it had tapped Ericsson and Nokia-Siemens for its $4 billion 4G LTE deployment.

The moves will address the two biggest gaps at T-Mobile: the lack of the iPhone and a more advanced 4G LTE network. Bogged down by its failed merger attempt with AT&T last year, the company has more recently shifted gears in hopes of mounting a comeback in the wireless market.

A key development is the hiring of Ericsson and Nokia Siemens to handle the 4G LTE build-out. The companies have experience with the technology, working with Verizon Wireless, among others. T-Mobile said today that it secured its spectrum from AT&T last week as part of the merger breakup fee.

Between the AT&T spectrum and the use of its own…

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